Where are

l'Emile, le Nicolas and le Xavier ?

L'Emile is just in front of both the general bus station stand and the railway station, within immediate reach of Grenoble Management school, l'Institut Polytechnique, and "Giant", the new technology pole (Minatec, CEA, etc…)

Tramway A & B

10min walk from the historic center

Numerous restaurants around.

Le Nicolas is located in the outdoor markets area. This is the place for local and organic supplies. Very close to the railway station and the Grenoble management school GEM, Le Nicolas is next to the trendy Lakanal-Championnet area.

Tramway A & B

10min walk from the historic center.

Swimming pool nearby.

Le Xavier is located on the right bank of the Isère river, in the historic Saint Laurent area. Close to the scientific building "Les Casemates", it is just in front of the museum gardens. You will find numerous restaurants along the bank. Crossing the bridge will lead you to many different kinds of stores in the "Ile verte". Le Xavier is very close to the "Hopital Michallon" and to the medecine and pharmacy faculties.

"Ile verte" tramway stop on the B line.

10min from downtown.